To better serve the security challenges of its customers, Neurones IT is ISO 27001 certified for its Transformation and Cloud ScaleSquad Outsourcing activities.

ScaleSquad, Neurones IT’s Cloud Transformation and Managed Services business unit has obtained ISO 27001 certification for its activities. A further proof of its commitment to its customers’ issues.

In an environment where cyber-risks are multiplying, our customers’ security concerns and requirements continue to grow. All the more so as the imperatives of personal data protection (with the RGPD) create new challenges, including for senior management.

In response to this situation, Neurones IT has embarked on a strategy of general reinforcement of its information systems security capabilities. The ISO 27001 certification awarded to it on 17 February 2020 by AFNOR is further proof of this. This certification validates the implementation of its Information Security Management System within the scope of its ScaleSquad Cloud Transformation and Managed Services activities. It covers both the Nanterre (92) site and the Bangalore (India) subsidiary.

For Jérôme Perez, Deputy Director-General of Neurones IT, “the primary purpose of this certification is to provide our customers with the level of confidence they need. It has also provided an opportunity to formalise and standardise our outsourcing practices, giving us a greater level of control over our information security actions. It requires us to be rigorous in our continuous improvement and will help us to evolve in order to strengthen security in all of our activities”.

For the record, ISO 27001 is a framework for the implementation of an Information Security Management System, which is accompanied by the obligation to comply with 35 security objectives broken down into 114 measures ranging from securing premises to secure development practices and human resources management. ISO 27001 is a recognized framework within which Neurones IT intends to multiply information security approaches and initiatives, both to ensure the reliability of its services and to propose new offers to its customers.

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